12 October 2007

The Wedding

It's official, we're married; the wedding took place in the Gloggnitz Castle in Lower Austria on the 29th of September.

It was a small but elegant celebration with family and friends from the Scotland, Germany, Austria and Australia.

We also enjoyed traditional Scottish bagpipe music after the ceremony and during the wedding reception. Austrian's too enjoy Scottish culture it would appear, hence we hired an Austrian piper from our home town.

It was a really special day for us and we are glad we had so many friends and family to share in our day together, unfortunately however not everyone could make it but there are plenty photos for us to remember the day for the rest of our lives.

If you would like to have view our wedding gallery, you can do so here.

*** Update May 2010 ***

All posts except the wedding one have been deleted since I have not written anything of interest in some time. Therefore the blog is suspended leaving the only interesting article.


Unknown said...

You two look absolutely beautiful!
Glad I was there ...

Andy Henderson said...

A great day. I've never been to a more perfect wedding day, and I can think of no other two people who deserved it more.